From the moment that teachers participate in AVID professional learning, they begin to shift their beliefs about teaching and learning, further cultivating a growth mindset—for both themselves and their students.

K-12 Teacher – Online Teaching and Distance Learning
Teacher and students - online and distance learning

Professional Learning for Educators

Best known for its acclaimed Summer Institutes, AVID is a national non-profit that delivers professional learning to more than 85,000 educators each year, so they can close the opportunity gap and prepare all students for college, careers, and life. For 40 years, AVID has been a community for educators to recharge, get inspiration, and find resilience. Today, educators rely on AVID for professional development in leadership, instructional best practices, digital teaching and learning, social and emotional learning, culturally relevant learning, STEM, and more. In turn, these educators help to close the opportunity gap for more than 2 million students each year.

A growth mindset

Through community, modeling of strategies, and practice, AVID helps educators see differently, so that they can believe differently about their own potential and about their students’ potential. That’s how innovation happens. That’s how change takes place. That’s how we instill a growth mindset.

Classroom activities – online and distance learning
Teacher-Student Engagement, Connection

AVID raises expectations of teachers and students

Our nation suffers from a crisis of low expectations. Our society has become numb to the widening inequities in student access to a quality education. Whereas teaching is regarded as a valued and prestigious profession in many industrialized nations, in the U.S., our profession is not always seen as the catalyst of change that we know we are.

AVID sets the bar higher. For students, we insist on rigor. We maintain high academic expectations of every student, and we support them with reading, writing, critical thinking, and inquiry skills so that they can succeed. We show teachers how to foster/develop important study skills, note-taking, and tutoring support and surround each student with a peer community so that they can meet higher academic expectations.

For teachers, we show you how to reach to teach to get your students to that higher bar. We help you build stronger relationships with students so that students can undertake rigorous work and raise the bar for themselves. This means modeling new teaching strategies and new behaviors, and integrating social and emotional supports that help you be the influential adult in kids’ lives that all teachers want to be.

AVID serves 7,500 schools across 48 states. We have delivered professional learning to more than 300,000 educators in the AVID Community.

Experts in Adult Professional Learning

AVID professional learning transforms conceptual understandings into usable strategies that are intentional, purposeful, and repeatable, and lead to student success. Targeted and specific to what educators do every day, teachers learn how to use the strategies they experience and practice during trainings, to engage their students in daily instruction.

AVID brings educators together to:

  • Implement engaging activities in your classrooms
  • Deepen instruction with digital platforms and digital resources to make learning more engaging, effective, and rigorous
  • Build a classroom culture where rigorous academic instruction combined with social and emotional support work together to accelerate learning
K-12 Teacher – Classroom strategies and skills

“No other non-profit has achieved the impact-at-scale as AVID has made in public education.”

Clarence Fields
AVID alumnus and AVID Board Member

Professional learning for educators – Community of Practice

Leaders in Digital Teaching and Learning

AVID has a distinguished track record in digital learning and design. Its core design team consists of 14 education professionals with over 60 years of combined experience in digital teaching and over 130 years of combined experience in digital design for students and adults. Their shared focus? Serving K–12 public school educators.

The team draws upon a wealth of experience implementing research-based best practices to design, deliver, and facilitate engaging and interactive online professional learning experiences for educators.

Digital Education, NSF, Digital Promise, Project Red, Smithsonian, NSBA
Digital Education, NSF, Digital Promise, Project Red, Smithsonian, NSBA

Learn more about the origin story of AVID by requesting a copy of a Special AVID 40th Anniversary Reissue of Wall of Fame.

Wall of Fame Book: The Origin Story of the AVID Movement